Hotels in Croatia

Croatia is one of the best places in the world to have any kind of medical procedure, particularly when it comes to eye care or orthopaedic work. But once the procedure is done, it is important for patients to take the time to recover properly – rushing through the healing process could cause complications, which no one wants.

Not only this, but after a short period of time the patient will need to be reassessed by the doctor or surgeon to ensure that they are well enough to return home.

This is why it is recommended for anyone undertaking an operation abroad to stay in a hotel in the host country during their recovery period. Not only does this mean that the patient can relax and heal in comfort, but it also means that their friends and family can stay with them, which is an additional avenue of support, and will help with mobility or sight issues which may be experienced during the healing process.

A luxury hotel will be able to offer you everything you could need when it comes to ensuring you are recovering well. An entire care package can be put together by many overseas healthcare providers, which provides you with the ultimate in comfort and sumptuous surroundings and enables you to relax in style.

There are a number of excellent hotels in Croatia that are recommended for patients during the recovery period. Of course you should always carry out careful research of any option you consider and make sure it meets your specific needs. However, we have done our own research and would like to bring to your attention some of the finest hotel options available in Croatia.

Part of the Starwood Group, Le Meridien Lav is a five-star, luxury hotel with the most modern of amenities. It is located on its own private beach and it has a pool and health suite offering additional luxury treatments. This is truly a beautiful place to stay.

The Radisson Blu Resort offers unparalleled views across the Adriatic Sea, yet is just three kilometres from the hustle and bustle of the exciting city centre in Split. There are, in addition to the impressive Japanese Onsen pool, 12 treatment rooms, a sauna, and a sun studio to enjoy, as well as a number of different onsite restaurants.

Hotel Split is the perfect place to stay for the ultimate in rest and relaxation. Located on a pretty and quiet pebble beach, this hotel has a charm of its own, yet it is still able to offer everything a customer would wish for.

All of the above hotels include the following facilities: ensuite bedrooms, fitness and wellness centres, WiFi, telephones, bars and restaurants serving highest quality cuisine from around the world, room service, English-speaking staff and air conditioning or heating facilities.

We believe each hotel option is fully equipped to allow you to recover in peace whilst still giving you the opportunity to enjoy onsite treatments and opulent rooms.

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