Interview with Dr Kresimir Oremus

Dr Krešimir Oremuš is a renowned specialist in anaesthesiology. He works at the Akromion Hospital for Orthopaedic Surgery and specialises in the use of regional anaesthesia, "nerve blocks", for the treatment of pain. In 2011 he was awarded a diploma from the European Society of Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Treatment in recognition of his outstanding contribution to this area of medicine. He is also a lecturer in several postgraduate courses at the medical schools in Zagreb and Osijek.

In this exclusive interview he explains the “pain-free” joint replacement procedures and the main benefits they have to patients.

MT: What is “pain-free surgery”?

KO: The term “pain-free surgery” pertains to a specific approach to perioperative pain management, which aims at eliminating pain for the patient.

The “pain-free surgery” concept is based on the philosophy of multimodal analgesia, where several different approaches to pain management are combined to achieve optimal relief of pain and the minimisation of any unpleasant side effects.

MT: Can you describe the procedure from start to finish?

KO: The nerves supplying the region of the body that is operated on are directly numbed by an injection of local anaesthetic using ultrasound guidance. This enables us to perform these so-called “nerve blocks“ with great precision and minimise the trauma to other tissues and structures surrounding the nerves.

In order to prolong analgesia into the post-operative period, a small tube (catheter) is placed along the nerves through which the anaesthetic can be continuously applied for several days, facilitating early physical therapy.

MT: So is it completely “pain-free”?

KO: It can be, yes. Using the approach described above for hip and knee replacement surgeries, it is possible for some patients to achieve a completely pain-free surgical experience.


MT: Is this procedure suitable for everyone?

KO: Generally speaking yes. There can be specific patient-related contraindications to using a certain component of the multimodal pain management programme but the concept as such does not change.

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