The Phenomenon of Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is nothing new. As far back as 300BC people travelled far from their home countries to visit the health centres and therapeutic temples of Ancient Greece, renowned for their healing properties. What is new, however, is the scope and size of this burgeoning industry. Last year, the global medical tourism market grossed over $32 billion and is set to reach a staggering $99.3 billion by 2025.
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48 Hours in Budapest

A city of two equally historic and enchanting halves, Budapest is a city jam-packed with magnificent monuments and other splendid sights. If you’re only there for a fleeting visit and are worried about fitting everything in, don’t be. Our 48-hour guide to Budapest shows you how to make the most of every magical moment.
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Interview with Dr Kresimir Oremus

Dr Krešimir Oremuš is a renowned specialist in anaesthesiology. He works at the Akromion Hospital for Orthopaedic Surgery and specialises in the use of regional anaesthesia, "nerve blocks", for the treatment of pain. In 2011 he was awarded a diploma from the European Society of Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Treatment in recognition of his outstanding contribution to this area of medicine. He is also a lecturer in several postgraduate courses at the medical schools in Zagreb and Osijek.
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Organic Food and How It Can Improve Your Health

There is no way to ignore the growth of the organic food market today; it’s everywhere, whether we shop in a supermarket or at the farmers’ market, organic is, they say, the way to go. But why is that? What is it about organic food that makes it so much better for us than the standard food we usually quite happily consume?
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​NHS Waiting Lists: Why Do We Have Them?

The NHS is a wonderful thing, offering healthcare that is free at the point of use to everyone, no matter what their condition, injury, or employment status. But whilst we are lucky to have it, there is no doubt that the NHS is currently overburdened with patients. At the same time, its funding has either been cut or remains unchanged, which, with more and more people availing themselves of the NHS’s services, is simply unsustainable. The very reason that we love it so much is the very reason that it is failing.
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Hotels in Croatia

Croatia is one of the best places in the world to have any kind of medical procedure, particularly when it comes to eye care or orthopaedic work. But once the procedure is done, it is important for patients to take the time to recover properly – rushing through the healing process could cause complications, which no one wants.
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Healthcare in Croatia: Private Hospitals

Your health is the most important asset you have, which is why you should always select the best medical care available to you. In many cases this may mean considering the option of travelling abroad to receive the much-needed medical treatment you require.
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